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Seattle, WA
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Anonymous asked: can we be best friends? (;



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real birds tweet on twitter

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Anonymous asked: i love you


thanks :D

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Birthday present I did for my boyfriend (but he gets the only one so shoo shoo)


Birthday present I did for my boyfriend (but he gets the only one so shoo shoo)

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yeennn asked: A-Z because YOLO


  • ‎A - Available? yes 
  • B - Birthday? Nov 7
  • C - Crushing on? everyone i encounter ;(
  • D - Drink you last had? water cause im thirsty af
  • E - Easiest person to talk to? 
  • F - Favourite song? Luv Sic - Nujabes
  • G - Grade i hated? 6th grade cause thats when i moved from CA to WA
  • H - Hometown? Union City, CA
  • I - Icecream flavour? Cookies and Cream
  • J - Jellybean flavour? Popcorn
  • K - Killed someone? i pwn noobs all day on PSN
  • L- Longest friendship? i have no idea.. 
  • M - Milkshake flavour? Vanilla
  • N - Number of siblings? duece
  • O - One wish? IF I HAD ONE WISH, WE COULD BE BEST FRIENDS…k ill stop now
  • P - Person who called me last? my homie Austin
  • Q - Question you’re always asked? how old i am…
  • R - Reason to smile? my non existent girlfriend..idk?
  • S - Song i last sung? 3005 lolz
  • T - Time you woke up? 9 
  • U - Umbrella colour? black and white with a goose as the handle (i stole it from a bench at school)
  • V - Very best friend? i dont really…have one?
  • W - Which celebrity i’d marry? Vanessa Hudgens, Alison Brie, Ellen Page, Emma Stone, Allison Mack..pick one.
  • X - X rays i had? never had to get one…
  • Y - Your last time you cried? the last time i cried was literellly when the Kingdom hearts 3 trailer came out…i cried so hard.. THE FEELS!
  • Z - Zodiac sign? Scorpio 

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thotsicles. k im done.

thotsicles. k im done.

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Mrs. Puff taught me well.. #whatilearnedinboatingschoolis …

Mrs. Puff taught me well.. #whatilearnedinboatingschoolis …

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